Maintenance Assistant Education Requirements

A maintenance assistant is an assistant to the maintenance incharge of a particular company, hotel, building or any other entity. The assistant is responsible for assisting the maintenance assistant on various tasks such as repair, construction, installation of equipments, carpentry supervision, dry walling supervision, flooring etc. Basically the assistant follows the order given by the maintenance incharge and tries his best to look after the overall maintenance of the place he works in. There is certain formal education as well as other such requirements from a person who wishes to become a maintenance assistant.

A maintenance assistant looks after the fact that the place he works in is kept clean and clutter free at all times and is properly maintained on daily basis. For this, he/she might be required to maintain logs or check lists as well. A maintenance assistant holds an important position in the maintenance department of any company.

Maintenance assistant education requirements:

  • One must be a high school pass out from a recognised school so as to move further in the future and become a maintenance assistant in any company or other entity.
  • There is no requirement or need for a maintenance assistant to have a bachelor’s degree but most of the times a diploma course in maintenance works in required and also helpful.
  • Apart from formal education, knowledge of plumbing, carpentry, electronic installation, electrical equipments, flooring, dry walling, cooling and heating systems is really important.

Maintenance assistant degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school is the only formal education requirement which is needed for a person to become a maintenance assistant.
  • A coursework in tasks such as plumbing, carpentry, repair, installations, electricity, electronics, flooring, cooling and heating systems etc is very useful.
  • A certification course in electricity related works can also be helpful in this field.
  • Managerial skills and administrative abilities form an important part of this job.

Maintenance assistant training and qualifications:

An on the job training under a  maintenance supervisor is quite important as well as necessary for a formal work experience for someone who is an aspiring maintenance assistant. A short term course in maintenance work is also required by many companies.

Maintenance assistant colleges and universities:

Maintenance assistant wages and salaries:

The average salary for a maintenance assistant is around $40000 which may be different for different work environments or fields. The salary also depends upon the type of work which needs to be done by the candidate.

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