Magnetic Resource Imaging Education Requirements

A Magnetic Resource Imaging professional [an MRI professional] is an important part of the field of healthcare. This professional requires the completion of an associate degree in Magnetic Resource Imaging, or a certification in the same. However, the associate degree or the certification can only be obtained after the candidate graduates in the biological sciences. The pursuing of an associate degree provides the aspiring MRI professional with the skills and technical mastery of handling the complex equipments, as well as trains him in areas like medical ethics, patient care and quality control.

Apart from these degrees and certificates, aspirants who wish to pursue a career as an MRI specialist need to obtain a certification or clearance from the authorities who keep a check on all MRI practitioners and ensure that there is no decrease in quality of services offered. The candidate must also learn from experience, and he must develop his skills and keep himself updated about the latest developments in the field.

Magnetic Resource Imaging Education Requirements:

  • A Magnetic Resource Imaging specialist must obtain a graduation degree in a filed related to healthcare, like Physiology. This will enable him to lay a firm foundation for this career through a thorough knowledge of the human body.
  • A Magnetic Resource Imaging specialist must then complete an associate degree course in Magnetic Resource Imaging which will allow him to operate the heavy equipment, perform MRIs of the CNS [Central Nervous System], body imaging and neuro-skeletal as well as neuromuscular imaging.

Magnetic Resource Imaging Education Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

The Magnetic Resource Imaging specialist must obtain the following degrees and certifications in order to be able to successfully make a living from this career.

  • High school diploma or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Physiology or Bio-Physics or Radiology and Imaging Technology.
  • Associate degree in Magnetic Resource Imaging.
  • Certification from the ARRT [American Registry of Radiologic Technologists]

Magnetic Resource Imaging Education Qualifications and Training:

A Magnetic Resource Imaging professional must possess the manual strength and technique of operating the complex equipment. He must be qualified in Pathology, Radiology, safety precautions and contrast exposure. Such qualifications can be obtained through the correct training which is provided by the two year Associate degree program and through work experience and internships.

Magnetic Resource Imaging Education Colleges and Universities:

Magnetic Resource Imaging Education Wages and Salaries:

An MRI professional can earn anything between 30,000 USD to 50,000 USD per annum depending on his skill, his healthcare organization and his dexterity.

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