Logistic Management Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Logistic Management Trainee Requirements

A Logistical management trainee is a professional who has just entered the field of logistics and supply chain management. In the initial months, candidates are assigned the designation of a Logistical management trainee. A Logistical management trainee learns different activities of the supply chain management like distribution, transportation, coordination, shipping, delivery, customer service, etc. Candidates who want to become a Logistical management trainee should preferably have masters in operations management or supply chain management. Although there are various roles that do not need any mandatory degree, students with a relevant educational background are preferred. The candidate is given on the job training on the roles and responsibilities that are to be performed. The following are the educational requirements and job requirements of a Logistical management trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates who want to become a Logistical management trainee should have a Bachelor’s degree or master degree in supply chain management and other related subjects like logistics, transportation, distribution, etc.
  • Candidates should develop good coordination skills as the Logistical management trainees should coordinate with various other departments of the firm for ensuring best customer service.
  • Candidates also should preferably have hands-on experience by doing internships, live projects, etc.

Job Requirements:

  • The job of a Logistical management trainee is to streamline all the activities in the supply chain management of a firm so that a product or service can reach the customer at the right time.
  • A Logistical management trainee coordinates with other departments like finance, marketing and HR to arrange the procurement of raw materials, shipping, and delivery of end products to different stores.
  • A Logistical management trainee should have good communication skills and people management skills.

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  1. Robindranath Modak says:

    I have completed bachelor degree. Bachelor of Business Administration major in marketing. I also trained in selling power exellence. Should I take logistics or supply chain management course?

  2. satish bhonsle says:

    sir i am doing mba in logistic and supply . i have to do my intership so company is better for absorbing knowledge

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