Locomotive Engineer Education Requirements

A locomotive engineer is an individual who works in the field of operating of passenger trains and diesel-electric cargo facilities. Any person who wishes to become a locomotive engineer in the railway department of a city, state or country must be suitably educated and should have the required training or experience. In some cases, formal education may not be required to become a locomotive engineer but one can take up courses in the railroad-specific training instituted for mandatory knowledge of this field. Apart from education, some working experience and classroom knowledge through locomotive engineering programs are also vital. Given below are the detailed locomotive engineer education requirements which can be referred to by any person.

Locomotive engineer educational requirements:

The following are the educational requirements of a locomotive engineer:

  • High school diploma from an accredited school or college is mandatory for any person wishing to get into this field.
  • An associate degree from a junior college or recognised institute may not be necessary but is surely considered advantageous.
  • Knowledge about locomotive engineering can be obtained from a railroad-specific academy or institute and is considered as a positive.

Locomotive engineer degrees, courses and certifications:

Any person wishing to get a job as a locomotive engineer needs to fulfil the following degree and certificate related qualifications and requirements:

  • A high school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in locomotive engineering
  • Certificate course from a railroad related academy or centre for better understanding of this field.
  • Certification as a conductor, education of which lasts for a period of 6 months from an institute like NARS.
  • A computer based training program in related field may also be required in certain cases.
  • License of an operator for freight and passenger trains is another certificate required.

Locomotive engineer training and qualifications:

To become a locomotive engineer, knowledge and education alone are not enough. Individuals may require having hand on experience and may start their training by working as a brakeman, assistant to locomotive engineers, training as a bus driver. Qualifications, experience as well as skill sets are important to work in this position.

Locomotive engineer colleges and universities:

Locomotive engineer wages and salaries:

The exact salary of a locomotive engineer may depend upon a number of factors such as job duties, nature of work, location of work etc. But the average median salary for a person working as a locomotive engineer is around $63495 in the United States.

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