Lighting Designer Education Requirements

A lighting designer is a professional who is responsible for the job of planning, plotting, creating and focussing the various different types and categories of light arrangements in theatrical sets, homes, offices, parties etc. The work of a lighting designer is one which requires him/her to work with the costume designer, director and production unit to create perfect settings of lighting on the desired platform or location. There might be no need for formal education requirement for a person to become a lighting designer but there are many other aspects whose knowledge and skills must be possessed by the individual.

A lighting designer must be equipped with a strong sense of colour, effects, dramatic settings and balance to create the lighting arrangement as per the requirement of the client of theatrical director. For this, there might be a requirement of certain coursework or training.

Lighting designer education requirements:

  • A person with a high school passing certificate can proceed to become a lighting designer by fulfilling other educational requirements.
  • A bachelor’s degree in industrial design or stage design is important in some cases for entry level lighting designer jobs.
  • Sometimes, a master’s degree in industrial design might help one to get a higher level job of a lighting designer.
  • Many courses which teach about lights, lighting products, design and colour sensibilities can be useful for a lighting designer’s job aspirant.

Lighting designer education degrees, courses and certificates:

Following degrees, courses and diplomas helps the candidate to work as lighting designer:

  • High school diploma
  • A bachelor’s degree in industrial or stage design
  • Master’s degree in industrial or stage design
  • Diploma course in lighting arrangements, lights, electricity related studies etc.

Lighting designer education qualifications and training:

If a person is without any formal education in a related field, then he/she might be required to take training under a lighting designer and learn various factors related to this job. One must be extremely creative and dedicated to the work he/she is given as this job requires attention to details as well as skills of arrangement of lights in such a way that satisfies the client’s specifications.

Lighting designer education colleges and universities:

Lighting designer wages and salaries:

The average median salary of any lighting designer is around $50000 per year. This salary could vary from the nature of the job of a particular lighting designer to that of the other. An entry level lighting designer might earn about $20000 per year.

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