Lightening Director Education and Job Requirements

Lightening Director Requirements

The lightening director designs and overviews the lightening arrangement, equipment settings and other technical facets of a lightening project. Lightening director career is an imperative part of film, television, drama and other visual media industries. He needs to do the correct settings of camera angles, image and graphic presentation with bright light effects etc. This profession is a blend of knowledge and creativity and an excellent command over lightening equipments, electronic equipments, and management of lightening machines. He must also know everything about the different trends and needs of various projects in the lightening field.

Educational Requirements

  • He must have a completed degree in any relevant field such as electronic and lightening technology.
  • Must get training or do internship from any lightening.
  • Along with lightening the student must also get knowledge about computers, physics and mathematics.
  • Must have some technical knowledge to support the variety of work he might have to handle.
  • The applicant must be computer literate with experience about latest trends and technology used in lightening industry.

Job Requirements

  • The applicant should have five or more years of working experience.
  • The Candidate should have completed advance diploma or certificate program in lightening management, motion picture technology and camera technology.
  • Operational experience with satellite uplink/downlink equipment; rf transmission.
  • He should be willing to work in shifts and overnight if the when other staff is not available.
  • The candidate must have good leadership qualities so as to manage the entire lighting team.
  • The candidate must have a creative bent of mind.

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