Lift Technician Education and Job Requirements

Lift Technician Requirements

A lift technician is one who installs or repairs lifts or elevators. He takes orders from a senior mechanic or technician and executes the work accordingly. Elevators are used in homes, apartments, manufacturing firms, service industries, etc. Therefore there is always a demand for lift technicians. Lift technicians understand the working of a lift or an elevator and can set it up. They can also repair them when the elevator malfunctions. The education and job requirements to become a successful life technician are given below.

Education Requirements:

  • A candidate willing to pursue a career as a lift technician should at least have completed his high school or graduation.
  • Most of the work in learnt through on the job training.
  • Candidates should possess the ability to learn.
  • Candidates must have working knowledge of machinery, electronic and electrical equipments.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates should possess the physical ability to move the heavy objects while maintaining lifts.
  • They need to possess mechanical and technical abilities to install and repair different types and differently sized lifts.
  • They need to able to detect faltering machines and make them function properly again.
  • Candidates should also be able to suggest design changes of the lift to suit the working conditions of the buildings.
  • Candidates should be familiar with equipments such as screwdrivers, forklifts, etc that are most frequently used to install and service elevators.
  • Candidates may also have to regularly test service lifts so as to avoid any major breakdowns.
  • The candidate should be ready to work for long hours and at odd times.

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