Life Insurance Sales Manager Education and Job Requirements

Life Insurance Sales Manager Requirements

As the title of the position suggests, the life insurance sales manager has the main responsibility of supervising the operations that center on selling of the life insurance policies of a particular company. The sales manager has a team of sales executives under him/her. He/she formulates the marketing and selling strategies of the life insurance policies and discusses and explains those to his/her subordinates. Moreover, a regular documentation of the sales related activities is performed by the sales manager. The life insurance sales manager has also got the responsibility to assess and evaluate the performance quality of his/her subordinate sales representatives.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school diploma from a reputed educational institute preferably in the commerce stream with good grades.
  • The candidate must have attained an undergraduate degree in the management stream or in any closely related subject from a decent college.
  • The applicants with a graduate in sales and marketing studies or in insurance management are seriously considered for the job.
  • Certified training in life insurance sales from an accredited body or institute is an added advantage in the candidate’s profile.

Job Requirements:

  • The interested applicant must possess excellent coordination skills that are required to manage a team of subordinate life insurance sales executives.
  • Should have clear concepts about the various features of the life insurance policies.
  • Must be proficient enough to set the selling and marketing strategies of the life insurance related products.
  • Should be meeting the monthly targets and document the regular activities centered on selling of the life insurance policies.

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