Life Insurance Agent Education Requirements

A life insurance agent education is something that must be stressed in order to ensure that he succeeds in his job. A life insurance agent’s formal education must at least contain a high school diploma. However, most companies today prefer to recruit graduates as they bring in a new perspective and depth to their work. In order to judge the suitability of particular policies for particular kinds of people, and their varying needs, it is imperative that a life insurance agent must be well versed in the technicalities of this job. Thus, a formal education becomes all the more important.

Apart from a formal education, a life insurance agent must also be skilled in communication, as he will have to explain the benefits of various schemes to clients, and convince them to opt for it. This calls for some kind of training in proper communication. Computer skills are a must for most jobs now and hence, a life insurance agent’s education is multifaceted.

Life Insurance Agent Education Requirements:

  • An aspiring life insurance agent must ensure that he has passed his high school with approvable marks. This forms his basic education which can then be supplemented with courses more related to the field.
  • A life insurance agent must also complete his graduation in any field so that he understands the technicalities of the job, the impact of government and financial policies on the insurance sector and so on.
  • A life insurance agent must also participate in training courses, often organized by insurance companies, which educate him in the nitty-gritty of his profession like how to interact with clients, how to convince them and ensure payments are made on time.

Life Insurance Agent Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A life insurance agent must possess the following degrees and certificates in order to be successful:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Diploma in Insurance Sales [Optional]
  • Certification of Training- Direct Insurance Sales Executive
  • Insurance Agent Certification:-Certificate in General Insurance

Life Insurance Agent Education Qualification and Training:

A life insurance agent also needs to be qualified in how to build up a strong customer base, in ensuring payments are made after client death, in researching client profiles thoroughly and other aspects of the job. This can be obtained through on-job experiences and trainings on insurance sales and Policy management

Life Insurance Agent Education Colleges and Universities:

Life Insurance Agent Education Wages and Salaries:

A life insurance agent can earn almost 50,000USD per annum depending on the scope of the policies he sells, the kind of commission he gets from the insurance company and his own effort and hard work.

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