Licensed Clinical Social Worker Education Requirements

Licensed clinical social worker education emphasizes on developing a candidate who can provide the services like counseling, mental therapy and intervention. Hence the licensed clinical social worker education requires a candidate who can devote to its studies as both bachelor’s and master’s degrees are an essential requirement. Along with these degrees the candidate should stand correct on the moral grounds and should possess all those qualities which are required to counsel and provide therapeutic care to the people.

The licensed clinical social worker education must train and prepare the candidate with all the tools and skills required, so that he can take up his job successfully and help people with counseling and therapies in every possible way. Licensed clinical social workers help clients with mental illness, abuse or addictions, so they need to be well groomed and prepared through their formal education programs.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Education Requirements:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in social work related field or in any other related subject.
  • Master’s degree in social work education is mandatory.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

You must attain the following degrees and certifications in order to pursue your career as licensed clinical social worker:

  • You must pass the high school diploma with excellent marks with science stream.
  • Bachelor’s degree should be completed in Social Work, Psychology or sociology.
  • Master’s degree must be done in Social work.
  • State license to practice as licensed clinical social worker must be attained.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Qualification and Training:

Licensed social worker education mainly concentrates on bachelor’s and master’s degree programs to educate students aspiring their career in licensed clinical social work field. But along with formal education, these candidates must acquire some skills like communication & listening skills so as to understand the problems to client and suggest them solutions. Also these candidates must have strong ethics and high moral behavior. They should be emotionally strong and should be able to take right decisions in adverse situations. These skills can be acquired through hands on training or by assisting some licensed clinical social workers.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Colleges and Universities:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker Wages and Salaries:

Licensed clinical social workers get to work in hospitals, clinics or they can also work from residential facilities. Therefore, depending on their level of service and experience in the field they can earn $30,000 -$80,000 per year.

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