Library Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Library Trainee Requirements

A Library trainee is primarily responsible for maintaining the assortment of books in the library so that it can serve as an information base for students of a school or university or employees of an organization. A Library trainee is responsible and accountable for his work to his senior librarians. Candidates who want to become a Library trainee can do so by possessing at least a graduation in any stream. The main task of a Library trainee is to arrange all the books in proper order in the book shelves issue them to the library members and collect it back at appropriate time. The role is very generic and does not need specialised personnel to carry it out effectively. The following data provides you the educational and job requirements of a Library trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates who want to become a Library trainee can take up a Bachelor’s degree in any stream of education and complete it successfully with good grades.
  • Candidates should possess minimum computer knowledge because most of the libraries are maintained through online database management.
  • Candidates should have good communication skills and should be aware of different books and authors.

Job Requirements:

  • A Library trainee should manage the online database of library by updating the issue or return of books as appropriate.
  • A  Library trainee should manage the budget associated with the library and should order books that are most in demand.
  • A Library trainee should number all the books with a unique sequence id and arrange them in proper stacks. It would help the members search for the necessary books.
  • A Library trainee should use electronic bar codes for checking the exact copy of the books while issuing and returning them.

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