Library Media Specialist Education and Job Requirements

Library Media Specialist Requirements

A library media specialist is a professional who looks after the library activities in schools and universities. This is a generic role and does not need a very qualified person. The candidate who wants to become a library media specialist should preferably have a graduate degree in library and information science to perform the job responsibilities well. Most of the employers seek certification and license to start working as a library media specialist. A few years of work experience will add value to the candidature of an applicant for the post of a library media specialist. The library media specialist is expected to know computing skills, and should also possess good coordination skills. The following are the education requirements and job requirements of a library media specialist.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates who want to become a library media specialist need not have a mandatory educational qualification but a graduation degree in any library and information science will be preferred.
  • Candidates are expected to abide by timing, be disciplined, and up-to-date about various books needed by students.
  • Candidates with prior relevant work experience will be preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidates should be able to work on a computer, should have good interpersonal skills, should maintain a friendly attitude with friends and teachers, and should help in effective utilisation of the library.
  • The library media specialist should maintain the content of the library with good stocks of books, online databases, computers, study tables, and other facilities.
  • The library media specialist should coordinate with teachers to gather information about how to effectively utilise the library budget.

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