Legal Nurse Consultant Education Requirements

A legal nurse consultant education normally contains a combination of nursing and legal concepts, both of which are required for this particular job where a nurse is responsible for providing consultancy services regarding medical issues to the lawyers, attorneys, or business representatives, in cases where a legal issue with certain medical prospects is involved. A legal nurse consultant requires proper education in both medicine and law, in proportions as required by the profession. She should be thoroughly trained and know how to deal with the health and medical concerns without compromising with the law of the State and the legal proceedings and regulations.

The job of a legal nurse consultant is difficult and complicated, as one has to handle nearly two professions at a time and the education curriculum should thus be designed accordingly. It should include courses on health care and management of health risks, study, and analysis of medical records and case history of clients as well as cover areas that involve legal concepts, such as legal terminologies and definitions, torts, civil litigations and medical liabilities, etc. A legal nurse consultant needs to be certified by the Association of Legal Nurse Consultants, as done in the U.S to offer them with certification and registration, to help build up their careers faster.

Legal Nurse Consultant Education Requirements:

  • A legal nurse consultant must be a graduate in the field of medicine and should be well versed with every aspect of nursing and health care.
  • The person requires knowledge of legal issues to ensure proper medical consultancy in such cases and avoid any sort of malpractice.
  • An experience of a minimum of three years in the field of nursing is a compulsory criterion to be met by legal nurse consultants.
  • Legal nurse consultants need to be trained in the respective field by attending programs that involve such practices and give an on-the-job training experience. A legal nurse consultant program is often a two-semester program and is advisable to be attended by applicants to this profession.

Legal Nurse Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A legal nurse consultant needs to acquire the degrees and certificates, as mentioned below, to earn the job desired:

  • Diploma in Nursing
  • Certification in Health Care Risk Management
  • 2-Semester Course and Certification in Legal Nurse Consultancy
  • Certification through the American Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Board

Legal Nurse Consultant Qualifications and Training:

A legal nurse consultant needs to have the basic knowledge of nursing and should qualify for the same by acquiring an experience of three years. A training process including legal terminologies and their practice helps in performing the job better.

Legal Nurse Consultant Colleges and Universities:

Legal Nurse Consultant Salary and Wages:

According to the Medical-Legal Consulting Institute and the U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics, a legal nurse consultant can earn an average of $80000 annually.



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