Legal Education Requirements

Law is an inseparable part of a country’s functioning. Law and order recognizes a country and helps it maintain or suppress any internal disorders of the nation. The law determines a civilized and the criminal. The law is responsible for decisions at the governmental level and also at the individual level. The legal arena is completely different. The way it functions today is, however, similar to the corporate sector. Law has become business too.

The legal sector has various job roles that differ by the kind of work and also by the educational qualifications. The various jobs that are available in the legal sector like Barrister, Non-commercial solicitor, Company secretary, paralegals, Commercial solicitor, Advocate, Judge, and Clerk, so on and so forth. These various job roles are determined by the educational qualifications and the experience a candidate has in that particular field of work. The educational qualifications required in this sector are as follows:

  • Candidate must be a degree holder in paralegal programs
  • Candidate must have a major in law
  • Candidate should be a major in Intellectual Property rights
  • Candidate should be a post graduate in Corporate law

Different job roles have different qualifications in this sector like any other.

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