Legal Advisor Education Requirements

A legal advisor education generally comprise of such degrees and courses which prepare an individual for the job of counseling and providing legal advice to various companies and business firms, government agencies, corporations, and other such organizations. A legal advisor needs to have graduated in the field of law, like all lawyers and advocates need to do, and can then specialize on the subject of his area of work. The educational career of a legal advisor should include having attended a registered law school and passed the qualifying admission tests properly, as per the norms of the State.

The formal education of a legal advisor includes the graduation from a law school, but apart from that, one needs to have practiced the various spheres of law thoroughly so as to be able to give proper and suitable advice to the organizations who employ them for counseling the company or firm in matters of legal concern. Legal advisors are often referred in cases of legal corporate disputes and/ or for taking important decisions that would decide the legal career of the company.

Legal Advisor Education Requirements:

  • Legal advisors require being graduates in the field of law, and their basic education includes knowledge in pre-law or some other comparable course of study.
  • Legal advisors, after completing graduation, should have passed the bar to qualify for the respective position. They should also appear and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which is another important qualifying criterion.
  • Legal advisors need to specialize in some particular area to have better hold of the subject.
  • A master’s degree in a law subject is often preferred by many company employers and can be obtained to earn a better position.
  • The State needs to have approved of the degree of the legal advisor, by providing a licensure certificate, without attaining which no individual can practice the job of advising on legal matters.

Legal Advisor Degrees, Courses and Certificates:

A legal advisor must acquire the following degrees and certificates to be eligible for the respective position in the concerned company:

  • Bachelor’s of Law or LLB
  • Master’s of Law or LLM (in any discipline of law)
  • Certificate of Practicing License or Registered Legal Advisor
  • Legal Moral and Ethics Certificate

Legal Advisor Qualifications and Training:

A legal advisor should have qualified in all the admission tests, taken by the American Bar Association, and can also undertake various associate degree on Legal Advising and Law Management for enhancing job prospects. However, a training of real-life circumstances is very essential to ensure the legal advisor has proper judgment and decision-making skills, which can be properly applied to help clients out of legal hassles.

Legal Advisor Colleges and Universities:

Legal Advisor Salary and Wages:

A legal advisor generally earns on the basis of his experience and proficiency, sometimes an average of $100000.

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