Lawyer College Requirements

Lawyer college requirements include a list of all the academic qualifications that one needs in order to acquire and to become eligible for admission in the various Law Colleges. The lawyer Colleges offers undergraduate programs of three years to prepare a candidate as a law graduate so that they can work as professionals in the law field.

You can always go for specialized law courses during this 3 years study program, as after completing half of your degree you can opt for specializations like criminal law, bankruptcy law, and environmental law. The law school which you join for your law education must be accredited by ABA (American Bar association). Once you complete your law education from an accredited college or law school, you have to pass the state board law exam for obtaining the license to practice as lawyer.

Requirements to join the lawyer college:

To join the LSAT college, you have to pass the lawyer college entrance exam, which is LSAT (Law school entrance test). It is the law entrance exam that a candidate must take to get admission in a law school. This test checks the candidates on the abilities like person’s aptitude for a law career. The candidates LSAT score and undergraduate degree are combined to check the eligibility of the candidate.

This test is organized four times in a year. It tests candidates on acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills which helps in assessing applicants. There are three sections in this test, in which multiple choice questions are asked. These three sections are – Reading comprehension, analytical reasoning and logical reasoning.

You cannot take the LSAT exam more than three times in two-year period.

Skills required for becoming eligible for law schools:

  • You must pass the LSAT exam with higher ranks, because higher the score of your LSAT, greater are the chances of getting admission in a reputed lawyer college.
  • Candidates aspiring for career in law field must have good communication, speaking, writing, and reading and argumentation skills. To get into a lawyer college you must be must be very good with reasoning and observation skills.
  • Candidates  who want to become eligible for lawyer college, must complete their under graduate degrees in subjects like English, political science, sociology can enhance their skills required for law career during their college study, as these subjects are greatly related with the skills that you must possess before entering a law school.

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