Law School Course Requirements

A law school course is usually taken up after obtaining an undergraduate degree. The degree provides a professional education in the field of law. The student is awarded a professional doctorate on successful completion of this course. The program is for a span of three years which the student can enroll on clearing the law school admission test with a satisfactory score. There are a good number of law schools that offer a fast track program on the Juris Doctor degree. On completion of the course, graduates have opportunities to clerk for federal or Supreme Court judges.

Prerequisites for Admission:

The student should a hold a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average that is satisfactory. The student must have cleared the Law School Admission Test with a satisfactory score. Each school has a different standard for grades and LSAT scores. The students applying for the course may also need to go through an evaluation process to identify personal factors.


  • First year – There is no particular curriculum provided by the American Bar Association, however most law schools include the following
    • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
    • United States Constitution
    • Uniform Commercial Code and Restatement of Contracts
    • General common law and Model Penal Code
    • General common law and Restatement of Property
    • General common law and Restatement (Second) of Torts
    • Legal research
    • Legal writing
    • Second year–Few school may offer some courses mentioned above in the second year. The students can also choose from the following fields,
      • Administrative law
      • Admiralty law
      • Intellectual property law
      • International law
      • Tax law
      • Corporate law
      • Third year – The students take up a course in professional responsibility. In order to make sure that the ability of the student to research and write does not deteriorate, students need to take up a course in upper division writing or an independent study project needs to be undertaken.

Cost of Law school Course:

A law school course could cost anywhere from $40,000 to as high as $60,000. This budget is only for the tuition fees for the academic course. The cost may differ based upon the school and also depends on the other components that are added or removed from the total budget.

Areas covered by Law school Course:

Based on the credential of the students and recommendation from faculty, students may get clerkship for a year or two. Law firms offer to even pay huge sums for Supreme Court clerks to sign up with them. Students become academics or appellate attorneys after few years.

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