Landscape Technician Education and Job Requirements

Landscape Technician Requirements

A landscape technician tends to the foliage or plants of any piece of property. He or she also designs the landscape by installing various types of foliage cover like shrubs, ornamental plants and bushes. These installations may adorn the sidewalks, peripheries of buildings, bridges. They work for both private and government organizations, be it small or large.

Educational Requirements:

  • The educational requirement mainly depends upon the prospective employer.
  • A diploma or degree in landscape architecture is preferred.
  • Degrees in subject like horticulture are also preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate should be well informed about the various type of plants and trees and their characteristics, nutritional and climatic requirement.
  • The types of foliage most suited for that specific type of soil is also supposed to be known.
  • He or she should be healthy and good at physical labour as landscape technicians might have to build small garden structures.
  • The knowledge of the proper type of machinery is also required along with the usual set of hand tools as per the requirement.
  • The candidate should be willing to work odd and long hours to accommodate the requirements of the clients.
  • He or she should be able to communicate well so that the requirements of the clients and other contractors can be looked after.
  • The person should have a general aesthetic and artistic sense. His usage of colours should be appropriate and vibrant so that it seems to be attractive to the onlookers and the client is also happy with the results.

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