Landscape Designer Education Requirements

A landscape designer or landscape architecture is a professional who uses his knowledge of design, landscape horticulture and biological science to develop and design an area of land or looking after and maintaining outdoor spaces for clients. These professionals are required to pass certain educational and other requirements to apply for the job of a landscape designer. The educational requirements are quite specific in nature for anyone to enter this field of work. One can either work privately or for companies committed to landscape engineering for clients.

Landscape designing is rapidly picking up pace as an increasing number of people wish to own and develop outdoor spaces for homes, offices and other properties. Given below are the requirements which people need to fulfil in order to apply for the job position of a landscape designer or landscape architecture.

Landscape designer education requirements:

  • The first and foremost requirement for a person to enter the field of landscape designing is to be a high school pass out from an accredited school.
  • A bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture is another prerequisite for entry level jobs in this field.
  • Individuals might also be interested in Masters in Landscape Architecture for higher and better job levels or positions.
  • Courses in theory of landscape designing and planning of landscape and architectural technology could be add ons to the list of requirements for this job position.
  • Knowledge of horticulture, biological sciences and urban planning might also be useful for someone wishing to become a landscape designer.

Landscape designer education degrees, courses and certificates

In order to work as landscape designer, the candidate must possess the following degrees, courses and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in Landscape architecture
  • Masters in landscape architecture
  • Diploma certificate in urban planning, horticulture, designing etc.

Landscape designer education qualifications and training:

A short term training program in a field related to designing, urban planning, biological sciences or horticulture could be useful for anyone who wish to become a landscape designer. One must be a skilled architect and must have the required experience and creativity to enter this field of work. With experience, an entry level job can take shape of a private landscape designer with a huge scope for achieving excellence and recognition.

Landscape designer education colleges and universities:

Landscape designer wages and salaries:

The average annual salary of a landscape designer is around $100000 which can range to $3000000 depending upon the nature of clients and scale of work.

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