Land Surveyor Education Requirements

A land surveyor is a professional who is responsible for conducting observations on land, for recording dimensions on it and for identifying physical attributes of land like texture, color and shape. The education for these professionals must give them deep and thorough knowledge related with land, its characteristics and attributes. To become a land surveyor, a candidate has is required to give a long study time, as even after passing the graduation, the candidates are required to study for the licensing exam. The education for these candidates must focus on imparting them, the detailed knowledge pertaining to geography, geology and surveying techniques.

Since the job of a land surveyor is to conduct surveys, that why, their education programs must incorporate practical and hands on trainings along with classroom study, in order to prepare them well for the job.

Land Surveyor Education Requirements:

  • A candidate who aspires to become a land surveyor must have passed high school with excellent marks and with mathematics as one of the major subject.
  • These candidates are then required to enroll for undergraduate degree programs in surveying technologies or any closely related stream.
  • These candidates must be learned in mathematics and calculus, as these skills will be required in their professional career.

Land Surveyor Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A potential land surveyor must consider following degrees and certifications in order to make their resume effective for the above mentioned profile:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelors in Land surveying, surveying, geology, geography or any related subject, but the education program must be accredited by ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)
  • The candidates must also obtain the required license by passing the licensing exams organized by National Council for Examiners of Engineering and Surveying.

Land Surveyor Qualification and Training:

Taking into account, the nature of job of a land surveyor, the education programs on surveying must include apt practical training into their curriculum. This sort of practical exposure is very important for the surveying students in order to understand the concepts and to learn their practical implementation.

The surveying students must also develop computer skills and should be learned in computer programing and computer-aided design specifically focusing on surveying techniques. These candidates must also possess good communication skills.

Land Surveyor Colleges and Universities:

Land Surveyor Wages and Salaries:

The candidates working as land surveyors earn quite handsome salaries ranging from $45,000 – $80,000 depending on their skills, experience and education qualification.

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