Lactation Consultant Education Requirements

The lactation consultant education requirements are of extreme significance as they concern the health issues of both mother and the child. There are a host of responsibilities that a lactation consultant has to shoulder. A lactation consultant has the task of evaluating and properly teaching the methods of breastfeeding to new mothers and to those who women are expecting. She also has the responsibility to check on a regular basis that the methods are being understood by the concerned person. The lactation consultant, after a few years experience, has the task of teaching and training the nursing staff in this regards.

She can e associated with independent lactation centers or with private nursing homes. She also has the option of working in a government hospital. A lactation consultant has to frequently manage the management issues of the lactation center.

Lactation Consultant Education Requirements:

  • It is imperative, as a prerequisite, to have a high school degree with good grades in biology in order to lay the first stepping stone to become a lactation consultant.
  • An undergraduate degree in nursing from a reputed college is a must to be considered for the job.
  • A graduate degree in nursing studies from a university is definitely a big plus to help in the advancement of career as a lactation consultant.

Lactation Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The various degrees attained and related certifications are very important to establish one’s self as a successful lactation consultant.

  • A high school degree in the science stream.
  • Bachelor’s of Science in nursing studies.
  • Master’s of Science in nursing.
  • Certification from the concerned American Medical Association.

Lactation Consultant Qualification and Training:

The qualifications of a person aiming to become a lactation consultant are the fundamental elements to be seriously considered for recruiting her for the job. Moreover, the training sessions that equip her to handle the task of a lactation expert are very important as such sessions impart her with the required skills and relevant expertise. The training also has an objective to increase the managerial skills of the person to smoothly shoulder her responsibilities as a lactation consultant.

Lactation Consultant Colleges and Universities:

Lactation Consultant Wages and Salaries:

The salary of a lactation consultant is around $35, 000 to begin with. The person, when in probationary stage, gains the skills and experience to become an efficient consultant and the salary level can reach more than the $60,000 mark later in one’s career.

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