Labour Relations Specialist Education Requirements

A labour relations specialist is that employee of a company who is responsible for negotiating agreements and deals by including compensation rates, working conditions, rates of advancements and benefits between the workers and the management of the company. These employees are hired based on not only the formal education but also on the basis of level of communication skills, negotiating abilities and a strong character which can maintain relations between the working group and the management of any organisation to ensure its smooth running.

Labour relations specialist must keep himself updated about all the labour laws and must have the ability to interpret and understand these laws for the benefit of the labour force. Since this job is directly linked to advising management about the union management relations, a candidate interested in this job profile must have the right balance of composure and strong interpersonal skills.

Labour relations specialist education requirements:

Given below are the educational requirements for one to become a labour relations specialist:

  • Firstly, for one to be a labour relations specialist, he/she needs to complete high school from a recognised school with average or higher grades.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Arts, Labour relations, personal work, business administration or any other field.
  • Sometimes, certain companies require a candidate to have a master’s degree in industrial or labour relations as well.
  • Apart from formal education, one must have the knowledge about the history of labour laws and the new developments in the same field.

Labour relations specialist degrees, courses and certifications:

  • A high school diploma certificate from a recognised school.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field or subject from an accredited college or institute.
  • Master’s degree in industrial relations or in labour relations can also be required by certain organisations.
  • Coursework in labour laws and relations or administration can prove to be useful.
  • A certificate course in economics, employee relations, wages, and statistics could be fruitful for candidates wishing to apply for the position of labour relations specialist.

Labour relations specialist training and qualifications:

One must have taken a short term training program so as to learn about the labour relations or laws so as to qualify for the position of a labour relations specialist.

Labour relations specialist colleges and universities:

Labour relations specialist wages and salaries:

Average annual salary of a labour relations specialist is around $36700. The salary of the candidate also varies depending upon the type of organisation, work profile and other factors.

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