Laboratory Technician Education and Job Requirements

Laboratory Technician Requirements

Laboratory technician is a person who is responsible for carrying out various laboratory oriented tasks like sampling, testing, observing etc. They help students and researches working in the laboratory with their work, and ensure that the safety and security standards are well maintained in the laboratory. Their role is very important in many research and development work. Candidate, who wishes to build a career in this domain, can find adequate employment in various government as well as private laboratories where such research is undertaken

Laboratory Technician Educational Requirements

  • Candidate should be a high school graduate
  • Candidate should have a diploma or bachelor’s degree in microbiology, chemistry, mathematics or any other similar subjects.
  • Candidate should have the required license from the state government if he wishes to become a registered practitioner

Laboratory Technician Job Requirements

  • Applicant should be very detail oriented, because a single delay in observation can be vital for an experiment
  • Applicant should be very alert and work with full concentration
  • Applicant should be well organized and write down every finding in a proper way
  • Applicant should have excellent eye sight and good hand to eye co-ordination

The job of a laboratory technician is a very responsible one as it requires great concentration which can get very strenuous at times.  The ones who can withstand such pressure are the ones who make it make in this stream

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