Kitchen Designer Education Requirements

Kitchen designers are professionals who work with the owners of a house and help them in planning the layout of the kitchen and then make it happen. Most of them are sales professionals as well as designers and hold the expertise in planning, designing and equipping the kitchen with the latest technology and trendy items giving a boring old kitchen a  completely new look.

A kitchen designer are skilled in various professions like architecture, interior design and other related jobs and have to pass a Kitchen Designer Exam. The person should be creative and should have out of the box thinking skills. There are a lot of architectural and design institutes which offer courses and diplomas in kitchen design and to become a certified kitchen designer, the candidate has to pass entrances.

Kitchen Designer Educational Requirements

  • To become a kitchen designer the candidate should have passed the high school exam
  • The candidates should then get themselves enrolled in institutions which offer bachelor degrees in design or architecture
  • A master’s degree in kitchen designing and other related courses will give the candidate an edge
  • Course in interior designing will also help the candidate to work as a kitchen designer.

Kitchen designer Degrees Courses and certifications

To become an efficient and successful kitchen designer, the candidate should possess the degrees listed below-

  • High school Diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture
  • Bachelor’s degree in interior design
  • Bachelor’s in Computer design programs
  • Master’s degree in kitchen Design
  • Associate degree in Kitchen and bath design

Kitchen Designer Qualification and training

To become a kitchen designer, the candidate must posses designing and planning skills. He/she should be familiar with the CAD or the computer aided design and must have a certificate of qualified Kitchen Designer. Furthermore, the candidate should also have knowledge about various other important factors like building codes, health codes and industrial design.

Effective training for a candidate is possible by interning or working under a professional kitchen designer to get an on the job training and experience to become familiar with the practical problems. 

Kitchen Designers Colleges and Universities

Kitchen Designer and Salary

The salary of the kitchen designer depends on his experience in the field and quality of work. Generally kitchen designers, who work for deals including kitchen and bath, earn around $50,000 per annum whereas the ones who work for firms which only design, earn less than $50k.

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