Jury Consultant Education Requirements

A jury consultant is a human behavior expert who work in close assistance of the legal team and help them in selecting the jury, and also provide assistance during trail and post trail. These consultants are required to provide their services during criminal trails and during civil litigations also. The education for these consultants should concentrate on all the key aspects of their job and especially in developing the human behavioral knowledge in the candidates.

These consultants do not have some particular stringent educational requirements and degrees in behavioral sciences are considered to be a relaxant academic qualification for these individuals. These candidates are not required to possess legal expertise and knowledge as they are only required to understand and explain the human behavior in various scenarios.

Their education programs should emphasize on educating them with apt knowledge pertaining to human behavior and human psychiatry.

Jury Consultant Education Requirements:

  • A candidate looking forward to become a jury consultant is required to pass the high school diploma with excellent marks.
  • Then these candidates can enroll for higher education in behavioral science or related streams by participating in bachelors, masters or doctorate level degree programs.
  • These candidates must be learned in human psychiatry and should be able to understand one’s action to read his/ her mind.

Jury Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

An aspiring professional jury consultant must consider following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree in criminology, psychology, behavioral science, sociology or any other closely related stream.
  • Master’s degree in psychology, social science, behavioral science etc
  • Doctorate degree in psychology, behavioral science, criminal behavior & science or in any other closely related subject.

Jury Consultant Qualification and Training:

The job of a jury consultant often requires them to understand and assess various people by analyzing their behavior. Hence the importance of practical training is as much as the classrooms study, because these candidates must possess excellent knowledge and methodologies to implement the knowledge by practicing it. They must go for real or simulative hands on training to enhance and sharpen their skills.

Apart from this, they must possess skills like decision making, exceptional interpersonal skills, and presentation skills. They must also possess excellent analytical and reasoning skills.

Jury Consultant Colleges and Universities:

Jury Consultant Wages and Salaries:

These candidates can earn up to $60,000 – $120,000 depending on the type of jury trail, experience in the field, academic qualifications and professional skills.

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