Judge Education Requirements

The education of a judge, entrusted with the critical duty of upholding the laws of the land and ensuring that the rights of every individual are protected, involves considerable hard work and intensive study. A judge must possess not only a graduation degree, but also a degree in law. In addition to being a qualified lawyer, he needs to submit a judgeship before the concerned authorities which, if accepted, will enable him to be appointed as a judge in his state.

A judge’s education must be supplemented by immense work experience of the challenging and complex kind, meritorious results throughout the academic career, successful application to the Bar Association, and cracking of difficult entrance examinations to obtain a degree in law. Thus, a judge’s educational background, right from the preliminary stages, must be focused, well rounded and in-depth.

Judge Education Requirements:

  • An aspiring judge needs to complete at least three years of education post school during which he needs to pursue a graduation program thereby obtaining a degree in law. A judge must be a practicing lawyer as this shall equip him with the skills needed to understand the technicalities of the profession.
  • An aspiring judge needs to obtain a degree in law only after he cracks the tough entrance examination. This shall prove his merit, and equip him to face harder challenges in his career.
  • A judge must practise as a lawyer for a considerable period of time before he submits his judgeship to be considered as a judge. This will help him gain practical know-how of the legal practices.

Judge Education Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A judge must possess the following degrees, and certifications or licenses in order to practise as one:

  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in Law or LLB.
  • Degree of the Juris Doctor [J.D] in Criminal or Corporate Law.
  • Master’s degree or LLM in Criminal or Corporate Law.
  • Certification from the ABA or American Bar Association
  • Certification of Judgeship.

Judge Education Qualifications and Training:

A judge needs to be qualified in the ways of looking at specific cases, referring to precedents, in both criminal and corporate laws and their nitty-gritty and so on. This training is obtained through study, and work experience.

Judge Education Colleges and Universities:

Judge Education Wages and Salaries:

A judge can earn anything between 130,000 USD to 150,000USD. This depends on his performance, the number of cases for which he is selected to officiate, his renown and his experience as a judge.

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