Job Placement Officer Education Requirements

A job placement officer is an employee of a company who is responsible for hiring workers or employees. These candidates work in the human resource department and look after the screening, interviewing and recruiting of candidates at various job positions. A job placement officer can also be referred to as a human resource specialist. Any person wishing to apply for this job position needs to satisfy certain qualifications which can be both educational or skill based in nature.

Every company requires a certain department which looks after that only eligible and qualified candidates are employed and this is where the skills or expertise of job placement officer comes into being. They use their educational qualifications and their talent to interview and judge candidates based on their skills.

Job placement officer education requirements:

Given below are the education requirements for a person to become a job placement officer:

  • To start with, it is really important for a job placement aspirant to have completed his/her high school education with good grades.
  • Any person wishing to become a job placement officer needs to be a graduate in any subject or field.
  • Masters in business administration with specialisation in Human resources is always preferred.
  • The right knowledge of job placement techniques and an insight into the psychological aspect of people can be helpful for these kinds of jobs.
  • High school diploma from an accredited school.

Job placement officer degrees, courses and certifications:

  • Bachelor’s in any field or subject is a must with an aggregate of 60% or above.
  • Master’s in business administration or Human resource development not compulsory though is preferred by most companies.
  • A course in job placement management or administration can always be helpful for a person at such a job position.
  • Often accreditation from the human resource association of the city or state can also be required.

Job placement officer training and qualification:

A person who wishes to become a job placement officer needs to complete a certain run in the human resource department before being offered the desired job position. For this, training or specialisation in job placement management is very fruitful. One must also have the knowledge of understanding psychological aspect of one’s personality.

Job placement officer colleges and universities:

Job placement officer wages and salaries:

The average median salary for anyone in this profession is around $60000. The salary in this field also varies depending upon the type of organisation and the work profile.

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