Irrigation Design Engineer Education and Job Requirements

Irrigation Design Engineer Requirements

An irrigation design engineer carries out the task of designing irrigation system either for huge farmlands or for the customized laws of houses. He perform various tasks like studying, planning and evaluating the terrain both indoor ad outdoor. Even he plans irrigation methods that could be used and his final design sometimes involves CAD (computer assisting drafting) in order to get best result.

Education Requirements:

  • A candidate must hold a B.Tech or B.E degree in Agriculture and irrigation Designing or Post-Harvest Technology.
  • Master’s degree in Agriculture engineering or related subject.
  • Should have an authorized degree in CAD applications.
  • Additional degree of designing and instrumentation is preferable.

Job Requirements:

  • A candidate should have strong analytical skill in understanding the length of agricultural land and lawns, water requirement for the flower beds and related agricultural issues.
  • He should have strong interpersonal skill and could utilize it for motivating others.
  • Candidate must have open mind towards working at rural sites,
  • He should have the capability of dealing with statistical data and must be proficient in business know-how.
  • He should posses the ability of adapting things faster as in this field of technology every time a new issue creeps up.
  • A candidate must have strong communication skill and language learning capability. As learning the local language of the place where he would work will help him to deal with issues faster by conversing with the localities.

Hence, for acquiring the position of irrigation design engineer one must fulfill these education and job requirements.

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