IPS Officer Education and Job Requirements

IPS Officer Requirements

Indian Police Service Officer which in short is known as IPS officer is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious jobs in the country. The IPS officers are known for maintaining law and order in the country. IPS officers are assigned their position and designation depending upon their rank in the UPSC examination. The post of IPS officer is loaded with responsibilities and duties which are of critical nature. Following are the education and job requirements related to an IPS officer.

IPS Officer Education Requirements

  • A person should be at least a graduate in any stream to be an IPS officer
  • If he holds a post graduation degree it will help him to be ahead of the others.
  • The most important requirement for a candidate to be selected as an IPS officer is to clear the Civil Services Examinations which is held by UPSC. Based on the rank in these UPSC examinations, a candidate is assigned his post.

IPS Officer  Job Requirements:

  • A candidate should be honest and hard working to be an IPS officer.
  • He should have sense of responsibility towards nation and society
  • He should be ready to work at odd times
  • He should have good communication skills.
  • The candidate should have good leadership qualities.
  • The candidate should be physically fit and active.

Thus to be an efficient IPS officer these are some of the needed attributes.

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  1. Deenadhayalan says:

    Hi, i am deena… I want to became a ips officer but now i am finished b.sc computer science.. Wat are the procedures are to became ips officer…

  2. Amit Sharma says:

    thanks to information .. wait i am coming , after 3 years to become an IPS officer …………. and i am sure i will be NEXT..

  3. Deepak Kumar Paswan says:



    How i can apply for IPS

  5. kamal verma says:

    send me all material related to ips

  6. Ravinder Singh says:

    I m +2 pass from commerce stream and now i m in abroad and i wish to study for an IPS/ISA.tell me What should i do for that? My age is 20th

  7. ANJALI PRIYA says:

    I also want to be an IPS ,, i always want to do something for India. i also want to give suggestion and help to india ,, one think which i want to change that is ,, why the cases like murder case and many other why the officers delay these things why they don t take any action ,,, why the cases where going on and going on ,,, this major problem which make crimnal ,, everyone think if we do one murder than what will happen nothing ,, this nothing which is making a lot criminal ,,, i think very cases should be for one or two months ,,, this is muy suggestion and i know i can change this and i am very sure about it ,,:))

  8. Sonali pote says:

    This information will really help me in my future…….thanxxxxx…

  9. mohib patel says:

    I appriciate IPS nd the way they works.
    I want to become IPS officer. .

  10. Rufus Rajan says:

    Plz help me to know more. Gave me a contact number plz or my number is 04842458740

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