Investment Banker Education and Job Requirements

Investment Banker Requirements

Investment banking is a hugely coveted as well as taxing career of modern times. The big banks of investment accept candidates with proper educational background and skill only, since they pay the candidate pretty handsomely. Investment Bankers have to carry out specific services like handling corporate investment and trade. In commercial finance any banker assists firms or governments of the state and nation in raising money through the transaction of a bond or stock offer to a particular investor. Following a good offering to the public such investment bankers attempt to keep the interest of the investor in the security sold to a public.

Education Requirements

  • A degree (bachelor) in finance or economics or business from a reputed institution or college.
  • An additional MBA degree is an added bonus.
  • A candidate with certificate of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) needed for performing asset research positions or customer advisory will have an added advantage.

Job Requirements

  • Good writing or communication, interpersonal skills are imperative for working as an investment banker.
  • Research and analytical skills are very important for an investment banker.
  • Ability to solve problems as well as sales ability is very vital in acquiring a job in investment banking.
  • Past experience of handling clients is important for acquiring a job as an associate or vice president.
  • The candidate must also possess good convincing skills.

If the above job and education qualifications are satisfied by a candidate then getting the job of an investment banker shall be easy.

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