Investigator Trainee Education and Job Requirements

Investigator Trainee Requirements

An investigator trainee is an entry level job in the investigative department of an organization, a forensic firm, or a criminal investigation department. An investigator trainee tries to investigate the scene and crime and find clues to arrive at the suspect. To become an investigator trainee, students will need specialised training and education. They should conduct thorough analysis by searching different locations for clues and questioning people related to the case. Investigators also conduct regular surveillance to check whether all the activities are happening legally and according to the stipulated guidelines. An investigator trainee learns under other investigators and collaborates with other professionals like forensic doctors and police to bring justice to the victims. The following gives you a list of education and job requirements of an investigator trainee.

Education Requirements:

  • To become an investigator trainee, students should necessarily have an education background in Criminal Justice or other fields related to it.
  • It will be better if the students aspiring to become an investigator trainee know calligraphy and work experience in the field of criminal science. This will help him connect the clues and arrive at the conclusions.
  • Students should also get a license and certification to start working as an investigator trainee.

Job Requirements:

  • An investigator trainee should carefully analyse the case and gather evidence through extensive search for detailed information.
  • They should be ready to travel to various placed to find evidence before the evidence gets wiped out by the culprits.
  • Different investigator trainees should collaborate with each other and carry out different tasks with ease. They may also have to be present in the court to explain the case details, etc.

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