Inventory Specialist Education and Job Requirements

Inventory Specialist Requirements

The responsibilities of an Inventory Specialist include taking care of the inventory with the changing external environment. It is a holistic role that involves coordinating with multiple teams, working with different suppliers, and managing the inventory department. It is a specialist role that needs synchronising the internal and external factors that affects the conditions of an organization. An Inventory Specialist need to work with other inventory managers and supervisors and prepare budgets, prepare and analyse reports, etc.

Education Requirements:

  • Candidates need to primarily complete their high school and graduation.
  • Then a post-graduation in Master of Business Administration (MBA) with stream as operations is an ideal education path.
  • Candidates need to possess knowledge in logistics, material management, supply chain management, budgeting, and management skills.
  • Candidates with few years of relevant experience are preferred.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates must be able to coordinate the activities in the warehouse department with all other related departments of the organization.
  • Ability to manage, communicate, and control the inventory department well will be key to performing the role as an Inventory Specialist successfully.
  • Candidates must have good computer skills to create and manage the database for inventory management, preparing periodic reports, analysing them, and taking decisions on them with consensus from inventory coordinators and supervisors.
  • Candidates must know the inventory distribution techniques and manage the transportation at the lowest cost.
  • Candidates must overlook whether the inventory stock keeping is done well with proper auditing procedures.
  • They should have good organisational skills.

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