Inventory Coordinator Education and Job Requirements

Inventory Coordinator Requirements

An Inventory Coordinator works as the link between the inventory department and other departments of a firm. He needs to manage and plan the inventory, control procurement and distribution of the inventory, and work with other divisions of the company for its seamless flow. An Inventory Coordinator needs to make budgets for inventory expenditure and stock the warehouse with inventory appropriately. So from the perspective of ensuring production according to the demand conditions, an inventory coordinator has a crucial role to play. The education and job requirements for this post are mentioned as following.

Education Requirements:

  • Ideally candidates with post graduation done in operations, supply chain management, logistics, etc will be preferred.
  • Candidates need to possess work experience in any of the related fields like inventory management, supply chain, distribution and procurement, etc.
  • To gain practical exposure while being a student, internships or apprenticeship in any logistical company can be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • Aspirants should possess knowledge in inventory or warehouse management and maintenance.
  • Candidates with good team skills and communication skills get a slight edge over others.
  • As an Inventory Coordinator, one is expected to oversee the inventory levels in the firm and procure from the suppliers at the least cost.
  • One should also be able to replenish the inventory according to the predicted demand in the market.
  • Candidates must be aware and ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements concerning warehouse management and working conditions.
  • Candidates must be able to work with different teams and maintain seamless flow of operations.

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