Inventory Control Supervisor Education and Job Requirements

Inventory Control Supervisor Requirements

An Inventory Control Supervisor oversees the responsibilities of inventory assistants, inventory clerks, etc. He performs the key role of organizing, managing, and controlling inventory in the organization. Inventory control supervisors also work as managers to other staff in the inventory department. They need to prepare periodic reports of the levels of inventory and the turnover of inventory. They also analyse previous reports on inventory information and make informed decisions. Reports also need to be made on procurement of inventory from various suppliers and maintain a database of them. Following mentioned are the key education and job requirements for a person to excel in this profile.

Education Requirements:

  • Employers prefer candidates who have completed post-graduation in operations.
  • Candidates can also complete their Bachelor’s degree and get training in logistics, warehouse management, or supply chain management (SCM).
  • A few years of work experience can be a value-added point on your resume and can make your way into a recognized firm as an Inventory Control Supervisor.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidates with leadership and managerial skills are considered preferable.
  • As Inventory Control Supervisor, candidates are expected to supervise the inventory clerks and assistants.
  • Candidates should have good communication skills.
  • Candidates should possess good analytical abilities and computer skills to manage database of inventory, generate reports, and analyse them.
  • As an Inventory Control Supervisor, one is also expected to work in coordination with other teams and manage the workforce in inventory department well.
  • Candidates should deliver work within tight schedules.

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