Insurance Sales Agent Education Requirements

The insurance agent is the individual that is responsible for helping different clients select the appropriate insurance policies. The agent is required to have adequate educational training in order to take up this as a career. There are various educational institutions which offer courses related to this field. Colleges and university degrees are also available that can be taken up in order to succeed in this field. Although there are no specific requirement in order to be hired as an insurance sales agent but it is preferred to be at least graduate before applying for this job. The insurance agent is required to be responsible in handling multiple clients and their insurance policies as well as work out a good relationship with each client.

Insurance Agent Education Requirements:

  • The aspiring candidate must possess a high school diploma with a good grade point average in all the subjects.
  • Following that an insurance agent need to complete a graduation course in any subject. However, graduation in Insurance and Policy management will help him grasp the underlying concept of insurance and the various facilities that can be made available to different clients by the agent.
  • The insurance agent must adept at handling different policies and sell them according to the needs of the client. An advanced training course specializing in insurance policy management and sales and from private institutions can be taken up in order to strengthen specific marketing skills required in this field.
  • It is mandatory to take the state licensing exam for all insuring agent after the insurance company hires you. This validates the agent to carry on all functions required.
  • High School degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree in any subject
  • Bachelor’s degree in Insurance and Policy Management
  • Certification in State Licensing Exam (after the agency hires you)
  • Vocational Training- Insurance policy management, Risk Management
  • Certification- Oral Communication

Insurance Agent Degrees, Courses and Certification:

Insurance Agent Qualification and Training:

Training is the most important part for becoming an insurance agent. There are internships that colleges offer along with the respective courses which must be taken in order to brush up the necessary skills like selling insurance policies according to the requirements of the client, managing and strategizing policies etc. A graduate with a proven sales record also boosts the resume and is preferred over other candidates while hiring.

Insurance Agent Colleges and Universities

Insurance Agent Wages and Salaries

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of an insurance agent is $79,000.

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