Insurance Billing Specialist Education Requirements

An insurance billing specialist is the title given to those individuals who are specifically assigned the task of examining, scrutinizing and processing the insurance claims bills. These individuals are employed both by medical authorities or insurance agencies or at times both in coordination with each other.

It is a stable position and hence offers a stable pay. These individuals are especially trained so that they can manage the billings against any insurance schemes.

The insurance billing specialists are required to perform a number of tasks in reference to the medical bills against an insurance claim. They are responsible for preparing and submitting the insurance claims statements to the insurance company and sending copies to the clients.

While preparing and processing the bills they have to verify that the claims being made are covered by the policies. After submitting the statements they have to process the payments made by the company and respond to the patient. All these tasks build up on the educational and other requirements of these professionals.

Insurance Billing Specialist Education Requirements

  • A standard high school education from one of the state accredited institutions, with a 3.0 plus average.
  • The individuals aspiring to be an insurance billing specialist may opt for a bachelor degree in any of the appropriate fields like insurance management, health information management etc.
  • The individuals aspiring to be an insurance billing specialist can also go for an associate degree in the following subject health information technology, health information law etc.
  • The aspirants can also opt for any master degree in any of the above mentioned streams. Though these are not essential having a master may help the aspirants to move up to a higher managerial position.

Insurance Billing Specialist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  •  High school diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree or diploma in courses like health information management, insurance management or related courses.
  • Certificate in registered health information technician (RHIT) may also be helpful.

Insurance Billing Specialist Qualifications and Training

The aspirants of an insurance billing position with an aptitude for information/ technological advances are preferred. The insurance billing specialists are also required to have good clerical skills and training. They may be required to qualify an exam set up the respective employer.

Insurance Billing Specialist Colleges and Universities:

Insurance Billing Specialist Wages and Salaries:

The salary paid to insurance billing specialists varies between $ 21,060 and $ 50500, with the median of the salary being $ 30,600 per year.

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