Insurance Advisor Education and Job Requirements

Insurance Advisor Requirements

Insurance advisor is a person who advises you how to buy certain Insurance policies. An advice may be regarding how to decide about selecting various insurance policies like life insurance, health insurance, medical insurance and so on. Insurance advisor can work independently or can be hired by Insurance companies.  A job of an Insurance advisor is to help the individuals or firms in buying Insurance policies. To appoint an insurance advisor following are the requirements:-

Insurance Advisor Education Requirements:

  • Candidate must hold a bachelor degree in any of the streams.
  • If an applicant is an undergraduate, he should be pursuing course in Insurance.
  • Applicant should hold a valid license authorized by state authorities.
  • Master’s degree in finance from renowned institution can be an added advantage.
  • Applicants with courses from insurance companies can also be considered.

Insurance Advisor Job Requirements:

  • Applicant should possess good marketing and interpersonal skills.
  • Candidate should have good English speaking skills and be well versed with a local language.
  • Candidates with proven records in sales can be considered.
  • Experience of 6 months or a year can be an added advantage.
  • Candidates should have good convincing skills.
  • Applicants must be updated about the changes and developments in the field of Insurance.

These are the requirements which company can consider while selecting a suitable candidate.

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