Insurance Administrator’s Education and Job Requirements

Insurance Administrator’s Requirements

The insurance sector has a huge hierarchy considering that we have insurance agents, insurance consultants and advisors, insurance managers and now insurance administrators. The administrator caters to the corporate world while looking after the insurance and such issues for the different corporates. It is expected that insurance admin will be able to deal with the various policies floated by the organization for its employees and also deal with the various financial issues of the organization.

Insurance Administrator’s  Education Requirements:

  • The minimum qualification in this field is graduation in commerce
  • Candidate should be a B.Com graduate or a major in Economics, finance, insurance or related subjects of study
  • It is natural that in this hierarchy the candidate with an MBA will be chosen over his or her graduate counterparts
  • Candidate should be well-versed in corporate law and financial to do’s.

Insurance Administrator’s Job Requirements:

  • Applicant will be responsible for analyzing and assessing the insurance coverage of the firm
  • Applicant should be able to provide good suggestions and solutions
  • Applicant should be very good in Math and analytical skills.

It is imperative that the admin is able to handle a large number of people and policies at the same time while abiding by the regional laws.

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