Insurance Accounts Manager Education Requirements

An insurance accounts manager is an individual who is assigned the management of a certain number of accounts. These accounts do not refer to the business accounts of the firm but the insurance accounts of the clientele. The individual is required to manage these accounts and handle the respective clients. He or she is responsible for all the aspects of the accounts that he/ she are assigned.

The accounts manager must seek to develop long term relations with the respective clients. They generally work with a number of caseloads and are hence responsible for a greater part of the insurance business. The accounts managers also specialize in a certain field within the insurance business such as corporate insurance, or medical insurance etc. They must also have appropriate knowledge of the laws that govern insurance so that they can implement the insurance schemes as best possible. Thus in order to work at this job position effectively the candidate must have completed Insurance Accounts Manager Education Requirements as follows:

Insurance Accounts Manager Education requirements:

  • A high school education from a licensed school.
  • A bachelors’ degree in subjects like management, accounts, maths, taxing etc.
  • A masters’ degree in management, accounts, finance management, taxation, marketing, sales etc.
  • The individual who has taken most number of course/ subject modules in the field of accounts or management are preferred over others.

Insurance Accounts Manager Degree, Courses and Certifications:

  • The high school diploma and the school transcripts are required,
  • Bachelors Degree in accounts.
  • Bachelors Degree in Insurance.
  • Masters Degree in Accounts
  • Master of Science in Insurance Management.
  • Doctor or Business Management (DBA)

Insurance Accounts Manager Qualifications and Training

Majority of the organisations prefer employing individuals who have a certain level of experience in the respective field of insurance for which recruitment is begin done. These firms mandate a certain level of work experience before employment. Many firms promote their own employees from a lower level to the accounts managerial level after providing on the job training. The training helps a candidate to become well aware about the working procedure at the job profile.

Insurance Accounts Manager Colleges and Universities:

Insurance Accounts Manager Wages and Salaries:

On an average, the salary of an insurance accounts manager lies between $40,000 to $70,000. The salary of the candidate varies depending upon the job profile, experience of the candidate and the type of organization he is working for. The salaries are also affected by the state laws and hence vary across the states.

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