Information Technology Consultant Education Requirements

The field of working of an information technology consultant is quite wide as there are a number of information technologies these days and a large number of professionals are required to work on these. An information technology consultant is a professional who works on information technologies and possess expertise with one or more technologies.

The education for thee candidates must prepare these candidates with a basic understanding of all the components of information technology and prepare them with expertise on at least one technology like oracle, or DOT (.) Net, Java, Microsoft SharePoint etc.

The education for this candidate must start from their high school level where they should be given basic knowledge of computers and their working. Then they can contribute their IT education from professional engineering colleges by enrolling in IT division.

Information technology consultant Education Requirements:

  • To enter the field of information technology at a professional level, a candidate must pass high school diploma preferably with computer as one of the major subject.
  • After high school, these candidates can enroll for engineering or graduation level degree programs focusing on information technology education.
  • These candidates must also possess good communication and interpersonal skills both at verbal and written level.

Information technology consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

A candidate aspiring for a career in information technology sector must consider following degrees and certifications:

  • High school diploma
  • Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Computer applications, Information technology etc
  • Bachelors or masters in engineering or technology with Information technology as specialization.
  • Short term professional courses and certifications in technologies like database management (Oracle), Java offered by Sun certifications, Dot Net & Share Point technologies offered by Microsoft.
  • There are some other certifications also offered by organizations like Citrix, Novell, Red hat, Cisco, CompTIA, Exin etc.

Information technology consultant Qualification and Training:

Information technology is a field where a candidate must possess excellent knowledge about the subject matter and must also have apt practical experience with the technology. The education programs focusing on information technology courses must also include internship training to give the practical exposure to the candidates. This will help them to develop the required skills and learn how to execute their knowledge & skills in the real scenarios.

Information technology consultant Colleges and Universities:

Information technology consultant Wages and Salaries:

The field of information technology is quite rewarding and offers lucrative salaries. An information technology consultant can earn up to $30,000 – $1, 20,000 depending on his expertise and experience.

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