Information Security Specialist Education Requirements

An information security specialist education requirement should focus on teaching an individual about knowledge in securing information stored in computer. An individual aspiring to be an information security specialist needs to have knowledge in maintaining computer security and the process of preventing unauthorized users access to computer information by hacking.

The job of an information security specialist is also to prevent viruses from entering a system or network. They should also have an idea about designing, implementing and maintaining various computer programs and applications. Having degrees related to computers and information security will be needed by the candidate. Having a work experience is also useful in gaining knowledge. An information security specialist should also receive the education that will teach him in creating security applications and maintaining network safety.

Information security specialist Education Requirements:

  • An information security specialist should have a high school degree with computer science as one of the subjects.
  • An information security specialist should have a bachelor’s degree in computer related subjects like computer science, networking, IT and others.
  • An information security specialist must have a certification or has to do a certification course in information security or computer programs. The certification can be done from various institutes specializing in the same.

Information security specialist Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

  • High school degree with computer as one of the subjects
  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science
  •  Bachelor’s degree in information technology
  • Bachelor’s degree in information system
  • Bachelor’s degree in networking
  • Post Graduate degree in computer science related subjects.
  • Certification program on information security
  • Certification from International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium
  • Certification from Network certifications

Information Security Specialist Qualification and Training:

The qualification and required for an individual applying for the position of an information security specialist varies from one employer to another. Some employer may want the individual to have post graduate degree in computer science and for employers it may be fine even if the person has a bachelor’s degree. Sometimes certification from a governing body may also be necessary. Training on various aspects of information security also helps an individual to learn more about the work profile.

Information Security Specialist Salary

The salary of an information security analyst depends upon the qualification and the work experience of the candidate. The salary also depends upon the type of organization he is working and his work profile. On an average an information security analyst gets a salary of around $75,000 per annum.

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