Industrial Designer Education Requirements

Job role of an Industrial designer involves improvement of functionality and utility of the industrial items. This seek for a combined knowledge of art and engineering from the desirable candidate so as to offer practical and creative designs which would help in fabricating many useful products of an particular industry. Such a designer does require advanced and extensive knowledge which could be acquired through formal educations pertaining to the particular field.

A graduation degree in engineering or industrial design as a major followed by a specialized or post graduation degree would help a candidate to earn knowledge about various aspects associated.

Industrial Designer Education Requirement

  • A graduation degree on industrial design engineering or industrial design is highly required so that the candidate could possess a creative streak and innovative bend of mind.  This also makes an individual to deal effectively with various problems associated with the industrial designing plan.
  • A post graduation degree with specialized subject as Industrial design engineering and architecture is highly preferable as it would help the aspiring individual to focus on both the technical and artistic aspects of industrial design.
  • Computer aided drafting (CAD) certifications are highly required as this makes a candidate compatible of working in computer and dealing with computer aided designing software.

Industrial Designer Degrees, Courses and Certifications

An aspiring industrial designer must possess the following degrees and certifications for acquiring a position with better pay.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Technology-Industrial Design Engineering
  • Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design
  • Master’s degree in Engineering or Technology-Industrial Design Engineering and architecture  or Production Engineering
  • Diploma courses in Industrial Designs
  • Certification courses in CAD (computer aided drafting)

Industrial Designer Qualifications and Trainings

Industrial designer’s qualifications could be enhanced through appropriate on job experiences and internships. This could also be possible through training programs related to industrial design and architecture as it helps to understand both the art and technical specifications associated with a design plan.

Industrial Designer Colleges and Universities

Industrial Designer Wages and Salary

The salary of an industrial designer depends upon the position and varies from entry level to professional level within a range of $39,000-$57,000 per annum.

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