Inbound Call Center Education Requirements

The primary role of an inbound call center executive is to handle all the telephone calls that are received by the call center. The education of such an executive has to necessarily be a graduate in any stream of education. The candidates that have a degree oriented towards customer service, marketing and sales will be most suitable for this position. It is needless to say that the candidate also has to have excellent command over English language both written and oral. Even specific call center training such as diction, voice modulation and accent is an added advantage for the candidate.

Apart from these the candidate has to be one that is good at problem solving and good with computer usage and listening skills as well.

Inbound Call Center Education Requirements

  • It is necessary that the inbound call center executive is a high school graduate with good grades.
  • A basic training of call center technology is at times mandatory for selection by many call centers.
  • The candidates are also required to be conversant with the various telephone manners and etiquettes to be able to handle customer queries.
  • Some of the call centers even prefer candidates that have acquired training in call center language and accent.

Inbound Call Center Degrees, Courses and Certifications

  • Course in CRM software.
  • Data entry for beginner’s course.
  • Diploma in computer applications.
  • Diploma certification in customer service.
  • Short term diploma course or certification in marketing.
  • Computer proficiency course.

Inbound Call Center Qualifications and training

An inbound call center executive should acquire as much exposure to the various activities handled by a call center both through relevant courses that can be obtained in call center training along with on the job exposure.

Inbound Call Center Colleges and Universities

Inbound Call Center Wages and Salary

The salary earned by an inbound call center executive at an average is about $22,000 per annum and it can also go up to $36,000 depending on the number of years of experience that a candidate possess. Skills sets, training and qualifications also play a major role in deciding the salary of an inbound call center executive.

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