Importance of Soft Skills in Higher Education

The effects of soft skills in higher education are undeniably positive. The benefits often range from perform better academically to inculcating social skills. Soft skills can also improve the mental health of a person like boosting self esteem and confidence. Following are the reasons behind the importance of soft skills in higher education.

College or job application

While applying for college admission or to any potential employer, it’s pertinent that your resume maintains a balance between academic achievements and the soft skills. It shows that you’re a well rounded employer. For instance, if you get involved with your school newspaper, you can later exploit the skills you’ve learnt if you pursue a career in journalism.

Social influence

Acquiring soft skills helps in building social skills. High school students participating in co-curricular activities can usually gel better with others and able to work in teams. For instance, encouraging a child to take part in team sports can make him become a team player thereby making him a team player from an early age.

Mental and physical health

Rather than spending hours in front of the computer or TV after school, involvement in sports, community services etc. are all fruitful exercises. Not only involvement in sports is a good activity, it also contributes to mental well being. Also, participating in volunteer projects like working for the homeless or destitute helps in increasing self esteem. Taking part in theatre or debate clubs can build oratory skills.

Academic performance

Soft skills are known to build as well as strengthen academic achievements regardless of whether the activity involves academic subjects or not. Participation in co-curricular activities is often associated with bettering the grade point average, positive attitudes, enhanced confidence and increased attendance in colleges. There are certain jobs where employment is based on sporting exploits and certain specific soft skills.

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