Importance of Media Education

Media education is very relevant and highly in demand in the current employment market. This is a means through which the student is made familiar to the different concepts that underline the importance of media in different fields including advertisement, journalism etc. In this field, a candidate is trained to use different media models to gain insight about what the mass wants, demands or needs. This is a very critical training and requires the student to develop their creative skills so that they can put it forward through different media messages that will appeal to a large section of the populous. Therefore, it is important for the student to become familiarized with the various theories within the media and this makes the education and training very important. Hands-on training and experience is also important for the candidate to gain a stronger base in media education. Some important points of media education are as enlisted:

  • This education not only focuses on the main aspects of media and it’s relevance in different fields but also provides critical analysis of the public relations with the media. The candidate can therefore assess the different points of view, the effectiveness of media representation and other public affairs media programming.
  • This also helps to facilitate the creativity of the student as well as to gain adaptability skills of different media tools. The quality of the work produced by the student will largely depend on how well the education has helped in expanding awareness about the field of media.
  • The various negative aspects of the media culture are also taught. The candidate is made aware of the stereotyping and mass media culture techniques that use violence, race and gender to convey a message to a large section of society.
  • The candidate can also research on various areas of media science wherein a firm education is highly important.

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