Importance of Legal Education

Legal education is a must not only for prospective lawyers and judges, but also for the common man, as the law is all pervasive. From owning a house, to running a company, a basic knowledge of the law is a must for everyone. However, legal education, in the form of formal degree-based courses conducted by law schools, is the bastion of aspiring lawyers. It is an extremely challenging area which requires patience and perseverance. The importance of legal education cannot be underestimated:

  • Legal education allows a student to be proficient in the nitty-gritty of the legal system. This is a prerequisite for achieving even a modicum of success as a lawyer or legal consultant. Legal education creates the foundation on which time, skill and experience can work on.
  • The power of the legal system is undisputed. Especially in cases of dispute, contentions, property hassles and such, the function of lawyers is enormous. A sound legal education can not only train students to handle these cases, non-formal legal education can also help lay citizens understand the basic tenets of the legal system.
  • In a modern democratic world, people can obtain justice and speak out against injustice only by seeking help from the legal system of countries. Thus, the responsibility of the system and its facilitators is tremendous. Legal education not only provides lawyers with technical knowledge but also enlightens them about ethics, social duties and responsibilities, thus benefitting society as a whole.
  • Such an education teaches potential lawyers the nuances of law and equips them with a strong foundation in the subject. It also provides them with practical training as most legal education courses involve internships. Thus, it helps students to better both theoretical knowledge and their practical skills.
  • Legal education ensures that the legal system of the country is supplied with well trained individuals, who can uphold the values of justice, equity and equality.

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