Importance of Entertainment Education

Entertainment education stresses on the learning of the standard principles, ways and assumptions of entertaining people with the help of certain means. It is modality oriented as the music industry focuses on soothing the ear drums, acrobatics and drama focuses on the visual aesthetics and computer games stands on the multi-modal responses of the gamers. The entertainment of the person, however, does not rest only on the medium or modality being used. It is a rendezvous of the intellectual and emotional pleasure gained from the experience. This is defined by the education course as to how a person would be made to derive satisfaction and enjoyment at the intellectual level in the particular zone of entertainment. Training is also an important criterion that should be adopted in the space of the degree program.

Importance of this type of education is given in the following:

  • It is an attempt to change the attitude of audience by attacking their thoughts and educating them which is greatly achieved through the way the social messages are conveyed. Street plays, puppet shows and demonstrations are such examples that centre on various social themes and issues.
  • Entertainment education lays down the ethical and moral principles of entertainment that should be ideally used by the entertainment industry while directing entertainment programs. It acts as a moral monitor policing the advertisers and restraining them from deviating from the stipulated code and glorifying anti-textual methods.
  • The education program helps the learner grasp and master the whole subject of the entertainment so meticulously that it enables him to not just understand the theory of the entertainment strategy but also use the principles during his performance.
  • It turns the spotlight on the historical background of the particular entertainment mode which in turn enlightens the learner about its significance and relevance in the industry.

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