Importance of Agriculture Education

The importance of agriculture education lies in the fact that it provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge of agricultural methods, climates, techniques, crops and the like to aspiring agriculturists. Such an education should be especially fine tuned as agriculture is an integral part of the national economy of most countries and thus, competent agriculturists are an asset that no country can forsake through poor educational systems. There are many ways in which agriculture education remains extremely significant and important. Some of them are as follows:

  • An agriculture education equips the student with both theoretical and practical knowledge through field trips, internships and so on. This is invaluable in any field and more so in one like agriculture where the knowledge gained in classrooms have to be incorporated in the field.
  • An agriculture education also allows students to experience firsthand the importance of agriculture in the economy of their state or country. This is extremely important as we often neglect this area in favor of industrialization and urbanization, but it forms the backbone of an economy in many regions. Thus, an agriculture education provides students with the opportunity to learn and explore these areas for greater options.
  • An agriculture education also involves a lot of research oriented activities which have resulted in phenomenal movements of global significance like the Green Revolution. Hence, such an education provides genuine opportunities for students to make a lasting contribution in this area, and thus improve the lives of many connected with the agriculture sector.
  • An agriculture education is also very important because of its significant positioning in the environmental crisis that faces us today. A large portion of this problem is a result of bad agricultural practices like the unnecessary burning of grasslands. Hence, a well rounded and relevant agriculture education will address the issues facing our planet today, and seek to establish suitable practices.

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