Image Consultant Education Requirements

The image consultant education requirements encompass the essential elements that are required to be seriously taken into account in order to recruit the concerned person for the job vacancy. The foremost responsibility that an image consultant has to shoulder is to transform the image of an individual. The individual can be an actor, a sportsperson, a media personal, a business tycoon or anybody. The specific areas of image conversion are wardrobes and behavioural traits. The attitude of the individual is needed to be revamped and an image consultant carefully oversees this matter of particular significance and gravity. Before the actual process of image conversion takes place, it is important for the concerned image consultant to thoroughly evaluate the image status of the individual.

There are different stages of make-over and the image consultant must put equal concentration on each of those stages. The complete grooming of the client is the main priority in this regards.

Image Consultant Education Requirements:

  • A basic educational requirement is obviously a good high school degree in any stream.
  • An undergraduate degree in fashion studies is a boost to advance in the career.
  • Although not a necessary qualification, but a master’s degree in fashion studies with personal grooming-related modules is of great benefit to the concerned individual who aims to become a successful image consultant.

Image Consultant Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

The degrees attained by an image consultant and the courses covered by him are of extreme importance.

  • A high school degree in any stream with top grades.
  • A bachelor’s of arts in fashion studies.
  • A master’s of arts in fashion studies.
  • Relevant certification in training modules from accredited organizations.

Image Consultant Qualifications and Training:

The image consultant has to attain, before the start of his career, a certain number of qualifications with good grades so that he finds it easy in later stages. There are specific training sessions for image consultant that equips them with necessary skills to groom an individual. The various phases of the training session gradually imbibe in a prospective image consultant the required expertise to handle the image make-over projects with efficiency.

Image Consultant Colleges and Universities:

Image Consultant Wages and Salaries:

The remuneration of an image consultant can vary a great deal as it depends on a number of factors. If the person is just starting his consulting career he can expect a wage around the $45, 000 mark. At senior positions the level of salary can reach more than $1, 00,000.

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