ICU Nurse Education Requirements

ICU Nurses are recruited in order to take care of patients in the Intensive care unit. The ICU ward has patients who are suffering from critical diseases or have under severe condition which needs continuous monitoring and inspection. This ensures that the patients in the ICU are taken care of well and they do not succumb to critical diseases, wounds, ailments, etc. Therefore there is immense responsibility on the shoulders of the ICU Nurse.

From the education point of view, candidates who would want to gain the position as an ICU Nurse must higher educational qualification in the nursing stream. Apart from that, candidates with preferably work experience of at least a couple of years are generally inducted. Below given are details about ICU Nurse education.

ICU Nurse Education Requirements:

  • In order to become an ICU Nurse, candidates must have the expertise and education of handling patients who need critical, intensive and continuous care. This needs a certain level of educational qualification as mentioned below.
  • Candidates should obtain a nursing degree from any of the top college and universities and have excellent grades.
  • Candidates need to develop superior skills in handling complex equipment that are generally used for complex surgeries or operations.
  • Candidates should be well aware of managing the ICU ward while doctors are away and must keep an eye on the patients for any complexities.
  • They should also have good communication skills as it comes handy when contacting the doctors for immediate action or dealing with the patient’s relatives.

ICU Nurse Degrees, Courses and Certifications:

Below mentioned are some of the most sought after degrees, courses and certifications that are pursued by students aiming to become an ICU Nurse.

  • Bachelors – Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • Associate – Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
  • AS in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • AS in Medical Radiography
  • AS in Surgical Technology
  • Physician Assistant Post-Professional Masters Program
  • BS in Health Care Administration

ICU Nurse Qualification and Training:

Candidates should also get themselves qualified, trained and licensed as registered nurses. This helps in getting better opportunities to work in leading hospitals as an ICU Nurse. They will also be able to enhance their earning capability with the same.

ICU Nurse Colleges and Universities:

ICU Nurse Wages and Salaries:

Candidates who would like to work as ICU Nurses should be able to find work opportunities in health care, hospitals, acute care hospitals, medical services, nurse staffing, etc. Candidates should also have more than 3 years of experience in order to be eligible for this position. The total yearly compensation of an ICU Nurse lies in the range of $44,000 to $87,000.

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